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How To Speed Up Selling Your Property

Selling a property can be stressful, but thankfully there are ways to ensure a quick house sale and unlock the value of your home.

The property market has been experiencing frantic activity as of late, and house prices have continued to rise to record-setting levels.

However, the process of selling a home can take quite some time, as agreeing on a sale price is only the start of the process and engages a lengthy legal process known as conveyancing.

This is where property searches and financial information is studied so that a contact can be drawn up and exchanged. This can involve several different government and legal bodies and can take time to complete.

However, sellers can speed up this process by providing information and documentation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This includes a form of identification, leasehold information, statements regarding service charge or ground rent costs, and any deeds or notices relevant to the property.

As well as this, a property information form needs to be completed, which will include details of alterations, disputes and certification for any renovations the seller has made.

Most issues that slow down conveyancing can be solved early, which removes that bottleneck. Once you submit your information to your conveyancer, they can let you know on request any potential issues you can start working on.

Once you have completed your steps, a good way to keep everything moving is to periodically check in with the buyer, your conveyancer and any other points of contact you have, to ensure they are moving with the same target date in mind.


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