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How It Works

Say goodbye tohouse viewings

Say hello to a faster, easier way of selling your property.

At Lead Property Group, we provide an alternative, quick sale method that traditional estate agents can’t offer.

We buy any property in England and Wales, in any condition.

We pay cash for these properties, and we pay all seller fees (inclusive of legal fees).

The Quick Sale Process

Want to sell your property fast for cash? Here’s what to expect:

We value your property and send you an Offer in Principle.

If you accept the Offer in Principle, our Asset Management Company makes two valuations of your property– for free.

We receive the valuations and make a Formal Offer.

If you accept the Formal Offer, we commission solicitors and a RICS Homebuyer Report. (We cover costs for our recommended solicitors, or contribute £500 towards your chosen solicitors.)

We receive a Home Buyers Report and Report on Title from your solicitors and a completion date is agreed.

On completion day, you receive the funds from your solicitor (after all loans or mortgages have been paid).

Note: If either the Home Buyers Report or Report on Title contains new information about the property (e.g., it has a faulty roof or structural damage), we may change or withdraw our Formal Offer. You can look at reports provided by our surveyors or solicitors at any point during the process.

As you can see, the quick sale process is quick and easy. All told, the process can take as few as 21 days.

Still not sure? At Lead Property Group, we think you should be fully informed before making a decision. To help you make up your mind, we’ve described the processes of selling through an estate agent or auction below.

Estate Agents

  1. You ask an estate agent to help sell your house, handle house viewings, negotiate with buyers, and talk to solicitors.
  2. The estate agent values your house. You may also want to get a second opinion from another estate agent, or you could review house prices and recent house sales in your area.
  3. You set your house price.
  4. You hire a solicitor to handle the legalities, and to work with the estate agents.
  5. You make your home presentable. This includes renovations, redecoration, and general upkeep. Estate agents need your home to look clean and welcoming, unlike quick sale companies, who will buy your home in any condition.
  6. Estate agents take photos of your house for advertising.
  7. People visit your house. You have to be friendly and positive, and be prepared to answer questions about the property.
  8. You accept or reject offers on the property. Offers may be considerably under the asking price. The asking price is often reduced over time to attract buyers.
  9. If you accept an offer, your estate agent confirms the asking price and other terms and conditions.
  10. The buyer fills out a survey on the property to make sure they are happy with its condition.
  11. If the buyer is not satisfied, the sale may fall through, the sales price may be renegotiated, or you may be asked to renovate the property, costing you time and money.
  12. If the buyer is satisfied, the buyer’s solicitor fills out a contract.
  13. The money for your property is transferred to your solicitor, who then transfers it to you.
  14. The keys are given to the buyer and the property is sold.


  1. The auction house decides whether your property is suitable to sell and how much it is worth.
  2. You set your reserve price.
  3. You negotiate auctioneer and commission fees, which can be up to 2.5% of the property’s final sale price. Even if your property doesn’t sell, you may have to pay these fees.
  4. Surveyors visit your home to take photos and measurements for advertising.
  5. Your solicitor creates a legal pack.
  6. Auctioneers promote your property online, through the press, and through auction catalogues.
  7. Your property goes to auction.
  8. If your property does not sell above your reserve price, you have to try again in a different auction or by a different sales method (e.g., quick house sale).
  9. If your property sells, the buyer pays 10% of the asking price on auction day, and the remaining 90% within the next month.
  10. If your property sells, your solicitor completes the documents required to hand the property over to the buyer (conveyancing). Conveyancing fees are between £450–£750, plus VAT, which depends on the property’s sale price.

Selling through an estate agent can take three to six months. Auctions can take two months from start to finish. As well as taking much longer than quick house sales, these processes are much more complicated.

If you’re looking for a faster and easier way of selling your property, a quick house sale may be the right choice for you.

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